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Save a Life


The shelter is no place for young kittens, puppies or animals recovering from medical procedures.

Our volunteer foster families play a critical role in caring for our most vulnerable pets

Why Foster?

We've all heard of foster homes for children, but for animals? It's basically the same thing.


Shelter animals live in a small cage, only getting out for a short time everyday. They are bored, restless and desperately want to be somewhere else. The shelter staff love these animals dearly and will do whatever they are able to help and protect them.


Unfortunately, being such a small shelter, we do not have the time to spend with them the way that we would like. That is why often, the best place for our animals would be in a home such as your own, until they are adopted.


It's a great way for those who want to have an animal in their life, but cannot make the long term commitment to have an animal, love them, and rehabilitate them if necessary. You provide the time, patience and love while they await adoption. This benefits the animal you take home and frees up space for another animal in our facility.

If you are interested in fostering, please call or stop in and let us know you would like to help or if there is a specific animal you would like to foster.

Click below for the foster care application.

Foster Application

Need more information?

Need more information on what you may encounter in our foster program or perhaps your already a foster - click this link for our Foster Handbook.

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