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Found a Pet?

WITHIN Fergus Falls city limits please call any of the following:

  • Animal Control - 218-205-4628

  • Animal Control City Hall - 218-332-5435

  • Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Dispatch (after hours) - 218-998-8555

    • The sheriff's office number above should be used outside of normal shelter hours.  They have access to admit animals into the shelter at any time.​

WITHIN Otter Tail County, but OUTSIDE of Fergus Falls city limits:

  • Call the shelter at 218-739-3494

  • We are unable to pick up animals outside city limits.  We rely on the finder to drop off the animal. In some circumstances, we can help arrange transportation of the animal to the shelter.

OUTSIDE Otter Tail County:

  • We unable to accept strays from outside Otter Tail County.  View our Resources page for contact information of other shelters in the area.

Lost a pet?

Stray animals currently at the shelter are listed at the bottom of this page (go to stray listing).  In addition, stray animals can be reported and shared by community members directly to our  Facebook page.  We encourage you to use the resources in the search for your pet. 


To report a missing pet, please call the Humane Society at 218-739-3494 with the following information:


  • Where the pet was lost (nearest city, street or highway).

  • How long the pet has been missing.

  • Description of the animal (color, breed, size and gender)

  • Description of any collars, harnesses or leashes worn at the time of disappearance (color, material, tags).

  • A name and phone number where we can reach you in the event your animal is found.


We will keep this information on file and notify you in the event your animal is found. If your pet is not found within three weeks of your original call, please inform the shelter. 


If you are searching for a pet lost in Otter Tail County, you may wish to contact the area organizations listed on our Resources page.  You may also wish to contact your local veterinarian.

Stray Animals Currently at the Shelter

These animals were found as stray and brought to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County. Minnesota State Law requires animal shelters to hold and advertise stray animals for 5 business days. After 5 business days these pets may become available for adoption. Please note our business days are Monday - Saturday. If you think the Humane Society of Otter Tail County may be caring for your pet, please contact the shelter. In addition to contacting the shelter, please review our  Facebook page.  The shelter and local community members often share lost/found information initially through this channel

Stray Animals
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